Following his recent appointment as special envoy to Mali’s Prime Minister, Samake visited the beautiful island of Bahrain, which is located in the Middle East by Saudi Arabia and is home to the US 5th Naval base. A warm welcome and meetings were kindly arranged for him by the Bahrain American Council President, Dr. Al Khalafalla. Samake was received at the airport by a member of the royal family, Sheikh Abdulla Bin Ahmed Al-Khalifa, whose kindness throughout his trip displayed the warmth of the Bahraini people to visitors.

Sheikh Abdulla Bin Ahmed Al-Khalifa, member of Bahrain's royal family welcomes Mr. Samake

On the 29th of July, Samake was presented with an award for his work in human rights by the Manama Center for Human Rights. While in Bahrain, Samake met with key Bahraini officials like Bahrain Foreign Ministry’s Bilateral Relations Director Dr. Dhafer Al Umran and Khaled Abdulla Al Merbati at the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry(BCCI) in an attempt to strengthen Mali’s ties with Bahrain and also encourage increased Bahraini investments in Mali.

The Bahrain Daily Tribune covered Samake’s visit:

Mali Seeks Investments

Click here to read this article online in the Bahrain Daily Tribune.

A Malian envoy expressed his country’s intention to bolster ties with Bahrain and more cooperation between the two countries.
“As a country where majority of the population is Muslim, we share much in common with Bahrain. We do hope for more relations between Mali and Bahrain,” Malian Prime Ministerial Special Envoy, Mayor of Ouelessebougou and Presidential Candidate Yeah Samake told DT.
According to Mr. Samake, Bahrain is held as a close friend of Mali as the Kingdom has extended humanitarian assistance in the past.
“Mali is currently undergoing great change. It is now more than ever that we need foreign investment. We have made it easier for foreigners to set up businesses. One can set up a business within 72 hours,” said Mr. Samake. Read more »