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  • Photo by Weston Colton for Samake2012

    Yeah Samake sat down for an exclusive interview with the Malian newspaper L’Independent to discuss his views on where his party PACP stands on the situation in Mali after the President was attacked in his office.

    Interview with Yeah Samake

    Yeah Samaké about possible military intervention of ECOWAS in Mali: “cannot ask foreign forces to come protect Malians”

    To read this article in French: Yeah Samaké à propos d’une éventuelle intervention militaire de la CEDEAO au Mali : « On ne peut pas demander à des forces étrangères de venir tirer sur des Maliens »

     Party Chairman for the Party for Civic and Patriotic Action (PACP), no other than Yeah Samaké Mayor of the Municipality of Ouelessebougou reacts on the difficult situation our country is experiencing.  Physical aggression on the person of President Diacounda Traoré, a possible military intervention of ECOWAS in Mali due to stalemate of mediation, the presidential candidate’s failed April 29, 2012 bid presents the view of his party. Read more!

    The Independent: Mali is in one of the most painful periods in its history. Monday 21 May, President of the Republic Acting Dioncounda Traoré, was beaten in his office in Koulouba. What lessons do you draw from this act?

    Yeah Samake: This attack is a disgrace to our country. The physical integrity of Dioncounda Traoré as interim president was violated. First, we deplore and condemn this fact with the utmost vigor. Next, we wish speedy recovery to the Professor and demand, finally, that the perpetrators and their accomplices are identified and brought to justice. That said, we can draw several lessons from this aggression. Our country is going through a painful period and total confusion. First, security arrangements, not only the presidency but also all other institutions must be such that institutions are not violated. We ask the competent authorities to take all necessary measures so that what happened does not happen again in the history of our country. This collective shame we do not deserve it. Then, it is also an expression of frustration born of mismanagement of a double political and security crisis. The situation in the North is indeed an emergency, but the priority is looking for leadership to an uprising of 21 March 2012 which led to the resignation of President Amadou Toumani Toure.

    Read more »

    Amid chaos, Malians hope to get their nation back on track. CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux talks with Malian Presidential Candidate Yeah Samake  about the coup in the capital city. Check it out on CNN

    Photo by Weston Colton for Samake2012

    Hopefully this will increase the world’s attention to Mali’s political crisis and help bring about much needed dialogue.

    CNN Outfront’s Erin Burnett talks to Yeah Samake about the current security situation in the North of Mali. This is just the first segment that played on the Erin Burnett Show on Friday May 11th at 7:30 EST. More segments to follow after they play on CNN.

    CNN: Erin Burnett Interview with Yeah Samake

    Thank you to Erin Burnett for this wonderful opportunity.

    Yeah spoke with Voice of America’s Peter Clottey about the new ECOWAS threat of sanctions if Mali’s junta does not stand down. There is also an audio at the link below. 

    ECOWAS Urged to Include Politicians to Resolve Mali Crisis

    Party leader Niankoro Yeah Samake says sub-regional bloc is yet to make any significant impact on Mali’s political and security situation

    A prominent politician in Mali has called on West African regional leaders to include Malian politicians in efforts to resolve the country’s political and security challenges.

    Niankoro Yeah Samake, leader of the Party for Patriotic and Civic Action (PACP), said the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) “is to blame for the lack of transitional progress to restore constitutional order in Mali.”

    “ECOWAS is solely engaged with the junta for the resolution of the problem, excluding all of the political leaders in Mali, and this solution needs to be national and local. Politicians from Mali should be involved in the resolution of the situation,” said Samake.

    “It has taken [ECOWAS] so long to make any impact on the progress that I believe there is a lack of good faith on the side of ECOWAS, in resolving the political issue now in Mali.”

    Read more »

    After hearing of reported shooting on Monday evening around ORTM and Kati (military barracks), the direction of the coup became uncertain. Throughout the evening,  there was one report after the other with different information. First, the junta was in control. Then, the red berets (ousted president’s secret service) were in control. Then, the junta was in control again. With the number of decisions made in the last week, there has been some consternation among the junta and civilians. Since Monday evening, there has been little to no news. Captain Sanogo of the junta came on TV and advised that certain foreign militia had teamed up with the Red Berets to stage a mutiny against the junta. He stated that none of the transitional government was in danger. This morning, Yeah spoke with Prime Minister Diarra and confirmed that stability will continue with the interim president and civilian transitional government.

    Presently, the airport, ORTM and other key areas (like the Red Berets Djicoroni camp) are under the junta’s protection. The airport has been shut down due to bad visibility (from recent dust storms) and fighting. Reports indicate that it may reopen May 4. The junta has successfully quashed two counter-strikes now and in a way has shown their ability to protect Mali from further falling.

    It is more important than ever for Malians to stand up for their country and unite! Mali is heading in the right direction. Vive le Mali! Vive la démocratie! On to victory with Yeah Samake!

    Read more thoughts of this event from our hopeful first lady, Marissa Samake, at: Civilian Rule Continues Unharmed

    Captain Sanogo signing agreements between the junta and ECOWAS

    Voice of America published an article about Yeah’s stance on the recent counter-coup attempts in Mali. Let’s be sure the solution for Mali comes from within. Vive le Mali! Go Team Samake!

    Path to Restoring Mali’s Democracy Set Back, Says Politician

    By Peter Clottey

    A prominent politician in Mali says the ongoing military crisis is a distraction to the aim of restoring constitutional rule in the West African nation.

    Niankoro Yeah Samake, leader of the Party for Patriotic and Civic Action (PACP) called for unity among sections of the military after he expressed disappointment with division among the rank and file of the army.

    “We should not lose focus of where Mali is today and where we need to take Mali to…We are at a time where we need to unify the Malian army to take on the challenges [and] to protect the territorial integrity of the country,” said Samake.

    Read more »