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  • PACP meets with communities in Bamako.

    Good news! The elections have been planned. It has been decided that the elections will happen in 12 months.

    On April 27th, all the ECOWAS members met with the President of Mali and drew up the final installment agreement which decided on the elections and what to do in the North. One positive result was the decision of the planned elections within 12 months.  Two points of the agreement however caused much controversy in Mali: the declaration of the Interim President as the Head of State for the next 12 months and the increasing power for his position. This is controversial because it ignores the 40 day mandate in the constitution set for the interim president and in turn, puts him in as president for the next 12 months. This final agreement also allows foreign forces to conduct a military operation on Mali soil. This may cause even more dependency and chaos. We hope and plan for the best.

    PACP continues to hold meetings around Mali. We recently held a leadership training for community leaders to teach how to spread the word about PACP. We will continue to fight for freedom and democracy in Mali. Go Team Samaké!

    Vive la démocratie! (Long Live Democracy), Vive le Mali! (Long Live Mali)

    Ousmane Daou published another great article about PACP’s conference held last weekend. Read and reflect. Can you see what Yeah Samake can do for Mali? He is a powerful and inspiring leader! “Un Nouveau Jour Au Mali!” A new day for Mali.

    Sociopolitical security crisis: The PACP advocates for change

    At the headquarters for the Party of Civic and Patriotic Action (PACP) in Faladié, on Saturday, April 21, 2012, a press conference was held to discuss the socio-political and security issues that are shaking our country now.  It was directed by the chairman of the PACP, Niankoro Yeah Samaké, in the presence of several media.

    The Chair of PACP, Niankoro Yeah Samake, has from the outset welcomed the meeting of Ouaga under the mediator appointed by ECOWAS, Compaore, he congratulated and thanked. The PACP, as part of the ADPS, Mr. Samaké spoke of the efforts of their group to meet in Ouaga and propose concrete solutions to end the crisis. 

    But he hoped for a solution for Mali to end the crisis indefinitely. He welcomed the appointment of new Prime Minister, Cheick Modibo Diarra, and urged Malians to be more rigorous in selecting leaders for this crucial period in our country. 

    And to do this, the PACP president advocated for the disqualification of all those working with the former president, ATT. Concerning the crisis in North, he asked the Prime Minister to boost the army as an emergency resolution.

    As for the transitional president, after the interim period, Mr. Samaké proposed a replacement advisory council of 30 members, comprising all of the most influential leaders of the nation, led by a president from either the political or civil society. All except the choice of the acting president, was fine with him. He denounced the management of the state over the last 20 years by corrupt politicians. He called for the birth of a new generation. “The junta has given us a chance to change Mali,” he acknowledged. An opportunity to hold onto.

    To view this article online in French: Crise sociopolitique sécuritaire: Le PACP prône le changement

    Another great article by Yaya Samaké in Mali’s journal, 22 Septembre. On to victory and freedom for Mali!

    Yeah Samake on the crisis that crosses our country: “We must unite to defeat the enemy”

    The objectives of the press conference held on Saturday, April 21 at the Party for Civic and Patriotic Action were: to inform the press about the meeting of the key Malian forces held in the capital of Burkina, and to clarify the position of PACP and its political orientation. .

    Hosted by the President and the Secretary General of PACP, this meeting allowed the speakers to make a fitting tribute to the Ombudsman Blaise Compaoré for his focused and intelligent deliberation and listening throughout the crisis.

    At the meeting of Ouagadougou, all of the uncertain topics were postponed, including the duration of the transition, the extension of the deputies mandate and the interim president, Dioncounda Traore. On these points of contention, Yeah Samake stressed the importance of holding a forum amongst the key Malian players to identify ways to manage power during the transition.

    According to him, unity is necessary to defeat the enemy and return to our northern brothers taken hostage by armed groups. Within the Alliance of Patriotic Democrats to exit the crisis (ADPS), the Senior Vice President said: “In Ouagadougou, we converged on the important points with the Coordination of Patriotic Organizations of Mali. But this does not in any way explain a possible rallying of our group in this coordination.”

    Based on the fact that mediation has more access to the junta than any political organization, Yeah Samake warned of the risks involved in granting trust to this organization in our country. For PACP President, decisions must be made by Malians themselves. The conference was also organized to discuss the latest developments in current national policy, marked by the arrests of political leaders. The PACP condemns them and asked the junta to handle things only through legal channels. 

    To view this article in French: Yeah Samaké et la crise que traverse notre pays: «Nous devons nous unir pour vaincre l’ennemi»

    Mahamane Toure “Haman” of Le Coq magazine in Mali recently published this great article about Yeah and his opinion on the advancement of the crisis. Read it, translated into English, below. Vive le Mali!

    “Dioncounda must resign, in the name of patriotism, after 21 days, to quick start the transition,” declared Yeah Samake of PACP

    This statement by Mr. Niankoro Yeah Samake, chairman of the Party for Civic and Patriotic Action (PACP) was made during a press conference he hosted at the party headquarters on Saturday, April 21. The conference was held to declare of the participation of PACP after the recent meeting in Ouagadougou, under the leadership of the President of Faso.

    On March 22, 2012, the National Committee of Adjustment and Democracy Restoration of the State (CNRDRE), led by Captain Amadou Sanogo Haya, overthrew the regime of President Amadou Toumani Toure. The coup began, according to the junta, due to the incompetence of the former regime and their desire to counter the Tuareg rebellion in northern Mali. Under a looming threat of total embargo from ECOWAS, which condemned the coup, a framework agreement was signed on April 6 between the ECOWAS Mediator, His Excellency Blaise Compaoré, and the junta, allowing a return to order under the normal constitution. CNRDRE’s agreement has been recognized worldwide.

    As a part of the agreement, Dioncounda Traore was sworn before the Supreme Court on Thursday, April 12, as the interim  president. According to the constitution, there is really only 40 days until he must hold elections, which we know, are now impossible. The framework agreement also says that a prime minister must be appointed with full power to form a national unity government. So, the choice was given to Dr. Cheick Modibo Diarra, an astrophysicist and politician. According to Yeah Samaké, the Patriotic Alliance of Democrats for the exit of the crisis (ADPS), a sub-group of PACP, has made concrete proposals to end the crisis. According to him, the framework agreement does not solve the whole problem, because it doesn’t contain the points agreed upon by the various parties. According to him, a forum must be organized to collaborate amongst the different forces of the nation to find the best solutions to exit the crisis. As stated by Mr. Yeah Samake, Dioncounda must resign, in the name of patriotism, after these 21 days, to allow the rapid exit of the crisis.

    In his opinion, it is clear that during these 40 days, Dioncounda can not hold elections that conform to the constitution, and since the Prime Minister holds more power than him, It would be better to leave than sit by doing nothing.

    To view the article online in French: «Dioncounda doit démissionner par patriotisme après 21 jours, pour permettre un démarrage rapide de la transition», déclaration Yeah Samaké du PACP

    Yeah Samake is running for President of Mali.

    Brent Hunsaker of ABC 4 News published a great article today! Check it out. Mali is marching back to democracy and the elections will move forward!

    A Mormon President

    There may soon be a Mormon president in this old world.

    No, I’m not talking about Mitt Romney. I’m not even talking about the United States.

    Yeah Samake is running for president of Mali — an African nation that also happens to be about 90% Muslim.

    So, here’s the obvious question: Has Samake’s Mormonism been a factor in the campaign? The amazing answer is, “No.” Even though Samake and his family are thought to be the only Mormons in the entire country, Samake claims there’s little prejudice. His assertion is supported by the fact he won the mayoral race in Ouelessebougou a few years ago by a landslide.

    Samake is considered the “media favorite” and “frontrunner” after his bold — some would say fearless — defense of democracy in the face of a military coup as well as his success as a reforming, corruption-busting mayor.

    He is seen as a honest politician in a country and continent that have seen precious few.

    Voting was originally scheduled for Sunday, April 29. The election will likely be delayed because of that coup, but it appears it will go forward … eventually. We shall see.

    Turning around a country that’s one of the poorest in the world and is heavily dependent on foreign charity is a monumental task, and yet Mali’s Muslims may look to a Mormon to pull it off.

    Mahamane Touré of Le Coq Cocorico wrote a new article on Yeah Samake, holding the new interim President accountable to not extending his 40 days in office.

    Dioncounda must resign by patriotism after 21 days, to allow a quick start of the transition

    This statement by Mr. Niankoro Yeah Samake, chairman of the Party of Civic and Patriotic Action (PACP) was made during a meeting with the media, that he hosted at the party headquarters on Saturday, April 21 . The briefing was to take stock of the participation of PACP to meet the forces of the nation which was held recently in Ouagadougou under the aegis of the President of Faso.

    22 March 2012, the National Committee of Adjustment and Democracy Restoration of the State (CNRDRE) led by Captain Amadou Sanogo Haya, overthrew the regime of President Amadou Toumani Toure. The coup happened,according to the junta, due to incompetence of the former regime want to counter the Tuareg rebellion in northern Mali. Under threat of a total embargo of ECOWAS which condemned the coup, a framework agreement was signed on April 6 last between ECOWAS Mediator, His Excellency Blaise Compaoré and the junta, allowing a return to order normal constitutional. This act by the CNRDRE was hailed by the world.

    Read more »

    Yeah Samake heads the ADPS delegation at Burkina Faso meeting

    Another article was published yesterday with a few of Yeah’s recent statements, discussing the work he is doing to help Mali overcome the crisis. Thank you, Abou Berthé from Canard Déchainé for another great article! Vive Mali! The article follows, translated into English, below:

    Niankoro Yeah Samake, president of the PACP: “We will not accept that Mali is untrustworthy”

    This statement was made by Niankoro Yeah Samaké ​​last Saturday during a press conference he hosted at his party headquarters. Objective: To review the results of the Ouagadougou meeting and give his party’s position on the management of political and security crisis for Mali.

    The President of PACP indicated that the Tuareg rebellion, coupled with the political crisis caused by the coup of 22 March, has created an unprecedented confusion in Mali. To assert the situation, he adds, the Party for Civic and Patriotic Action (PACP) which promotes good citizenship and patriotism, cannot stand by idly. He believes the Ouagadougou meeting was an important step towards ending the crisis.

    Read more »

    Copyright Weston Colton

    Another great article, featuring an interview with Yeah, was published recently in a Brazilian newspaper, Zero Hora. Thank you to Claudio Rabin, journalist for Zero Hora, for initiating this interview.

    Yeah Samake, presidential candidate in Mali, where elections were suspended due to the coup

    You can view the article (which is in Portuguese) online at: Yeah Sameka, candidato a presidente de Mali, onde golpista suspenderam as eleiçoes: ”O povo parece estar se acostumando.”

    Mayor of Ouéléssébougou, City of 35 thousand inhabitants in Mali, Yeah Samaké was in the electoral campaign for President when a military coup of March 23 crushed democracy under construction in the country. Was considered the name with more chances to win election. Came from a poor background, experienced childhood hunger – which remains today as one of the main problems of the former French colony. Mormon amid the population of Muslims advocates talks about anti-corruption and investment in education. By phone, Samaké spoke with ZH about the situation of the country that one day he could govern.

    Read more »

    The following article was published in IndiaWest recently about our hopeful future first lady, Marissa Samake. What a great piece! Thank you, Monica Luhar.

    Wife of Malian Presidential Candidate Encourages Democracy

    clip Bahrain-born Marissa Samake is currently working with her husband, a presidential candidate in the upcoming Malian elections, to restore democracy in Mali and empower its citizens in the midst of a recent military coup spearheaded by military leader Amadou Aya Sanogo.

    Born to parents from Goa, India, Marissa believes in the importance of basic rights such as education, affordable healthcare and the ability to make a living.

    Amadou Toumani Toure, who was recently overthrown in a military coup, is claimed to be hiding and is nowhere to be found. Additionally, his presidential title is still being disputed.

    As part of the Samake 2012 presidential campaign, Marissa and her husband Niankoro Yeah Samake are working to discuss the current situation in Mali with political leaders, while educating Malians and West Africans on the importance of voting.

    Education and health are just some of the many ongoing challenges that Mali faces. Marissa explained that roughly 36 percent of students from the ages of six to 12 graduate from primary school. Additionally, poverty continues to affect Malians, with nearly half the Malian population living below the international poverty line of $1.25 a day.

    Read more »

    A big thank you to everyone who purchased a limited edition Samake t-shirt from Original Farms – it was a huge success. Thank you David Fuhriman for your help and support!

    Yeah and President Campaoré meeting in Burkina Faso

    It has been less than a month since the coup began and Mali is proudly marching towards democracy! Mali has a new interim President, and as of yesterday, Mali has a new Prime Minister, named to lead the transitional government until elections are held. We had a great weekend with Team Samake! Yeah and his new team, ADPS, with members of Team Samake, attended a conference in Burkina Faso (BF) with the President of BF, Blaise Campaoré, who was appointed as the official crisis mediator by ECOWAS.

    There were 78 members at the conference, representing the different stakeholders in Mali. The leaders discussed what would best serve Mali in terms of Leadership. We saw democracy in action! It was a huge success and we were proud to be a part of this historic event!

    Yeah Samaké, our hopeful future President of Mali, has the leadership skills to serve Mali and continues to educate and share his message throughout Mali. 

    For those interested, this is the agreement made and acknowledged by all parties in Burkina Faso:


    The Conference of Active Forces of the Republic of Mali met in Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso, under the auspices of His Excellency Blaise Campaoré, President of Burkina Faso, and the mediator of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in the Malian crisis.

    Read more »