Last weekend, Team Samake visited the village of Farabana with Marissa Samake. Most of the men in this village are unemployed and food is scarce. We were welcomed with a lot of music and dancing. After a few quick words of appreciation for her donation, the women showed us how they prepared the meal for the children. Marissa provided a 2-month supply of food for the children of Farabana. Not only will this feed the children of the village, but the women can sell the extra food to neighboring villages for income.

Marissa Samake says, “Went to Farabana to donate some much needed food to the children. Because mothers can’t find enough to eat, they are not able to breastfeed effectively. This takes care of one part of the problem. If you want to help with something like this, $50/month will buy food for the children and also enable the woman’s co-op to sell the extra food in the neighboring villages. Please email me at or message me if you are interested in helping. Together we can feed the children of many more villages. Thank you.

Be sure to read more about it on her blog at: Hunger, a Beatable Problem