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  • Yeah was interviewed yesterday by PRI The World on his thoughts on how Mali should move forward after the coup. Take a listen:

    Mali Junta Unveils Constitution and Promises Elections

    Please follow additional updates on the crisis in Mali by visiting the blog of our hopeful First Lady, Marissa Samaké, at: Journey in Mali & The Dream of Winning A Campaign

    Yesterday was Martyrs Day. On March 26, 1991, 300 demonstrators were killed in clashes with the military, trying to protest against their leader at the time, Moussa Traoré, and encourage democracy. They also call this day of celebration, Democracy Day. It is ironic that the coup happened less than a week before this day of celebration, in which we honor the lives sacrificed for democracy. Although we were all on edge, the protests remained peaceful.

    Yeah is still working hard! He has been holding political meetings all day, every day, trying to create a unified front with other political parties to convince the new President to restore democracy. We hope and pray that things continue to improve in Mali.

    Meanwhile, the campaign is still going forward threefold! SAMAKÉ FOR DEMOCRACY!

    March in Bamako held at the Bourse de Travail (Labor Union Building)

    Yeah was interviewed again on Al-Jazeera in which he answers questions about what should happen now that the coup is already done and Mali finds itself, once again, under the leadership of a military leader. Check it out and continue to support our campaign for democracy!

    The military has told us that they will announce the temporary government on March 27. Now more than ever, Mali needs strong, honest, diplomatic leadership. We will continue to campaign strong and fight for democracy! Samaké for democracy! Yeah Samake is more determined than ever to address the causes of the rebellion.

    Because of the situation in the north, there are currently 180,000 misplaced persons. We are giving basic aid to these people. If you are interested in doing so through the Samake 2012 campaign, you can make anonymous donations to a trust that has been set up: Friends of Mali Trust, 472 East 4380 North Provo, Utah 84604.

    Now, more than ever, we need you help. On to victory and stability for Mali!

    Yeah recently went downtown Bamako for an interview with Al Jazeera. Check it out!

    Perhaps you have heard about the rapidly changing situation in Mali.  After a frustrating battle with northern rebels, Malian army has announced the overthrow of the elected government, whom they felt sent them into battle with insufficient resources to win.

    Of course, there is always cause for concern when elected governments are removed without the express will of the people. In this case, however, the second pronouncement of the military junta has been that their purpose is to build the capacity for Mali to continue with its electoral process.  It is possible that the elections will be postponed for a period.  The situation is clarifying daily, and we expect we will know more very soon.

    It is at times like these that true leaders emerge that want the best for their countries future.  Yeah Samake is counseling with critical national leaders to determine a path forward that will help ensure the establishment of a durable democratic regime in Mali.  Because the electoral process is not canceled, but only postponed donations that will help ensure Yeah’s success remain vital.

    The best current information indicates that Mali is not succumbing to a military putsch.  Rather, in the face of a strong Libyan backed northern insurgency, the military appears to have temporarily intervened only to assure the stability and long term success of democracy in Mali.

    Please be assured of the viability of Yeah Samake’s candidacy for the Presidency of Mali.  Your continued support is vital.  We anticipate the near-term developments will make this increasingly obvious, but we need the help now.
    Please continue to follow our updates on our Facebook and Twitter sites. You can also read on-the-ground updates on Marissa Samaké’s (Yeah’s wife) blog at:

    God bless you and thank you for your continued support. Vive la démocratie ! (Long Live Democracy)
    Vive le Mali ! (Long Live Mali)
    Divisés nous perdons tous ! Unis nous gagnons tous! (Divided we all lose! United we all win!)

    Also, Yeah issued this statement, on behalf of the party, PACP, first thing Thursday morning regarding the situation. It follows in English and French:


    In English:

    Dear compatriots,

    The Party for Civic Action and Patriotic (PACP) followed with amazement the mutiny of men of rank which has degenerated into a usurpation of democratic authority.

    The PACP condemns with the utmost vigor the confiscation of power by the military calling itself the National Committee for the Recovery of Democracy and the Restoration of the State (CNRDR).

    The PACP asks all of the Sovereign People of Mali to mobilize for the defense and consolidation of democratic gains.

    Our personal political ambitions should not get away from pledges to spend the splendor and purity of the great values that are based on the foundations of living together. This is what strengthens confidence and cohesion among citizens of a country that is our Mali.

    We ask the military to urgently restore the unity of the various military corps for the tranquility of the population and make appropriate arrangements for the protection of persons and goods throughout the national territory.

    We invite Malian politicians to organize and demand the immediate transfer of power to the people of Mali by the formation of a unity government to ensure continuity of administration and maintenance of the electoral calendar in strict compliance with the constitution.


    In French:

    Chers compatriotes,

    Le Parti pour l’Action Civique et Patriotique (P.A.C.P) a suivi avec stupéfaction la mutinerie d’hommes de rang qui s’est dégénérée en une usurpation du pouvoir démocratique.

    Le P.A.C.P condamne avec la dernière vigueur la confiscation du pouvoir par des militaires se réclamant du Comité National …pour le Redressement de la Démocratie et la Restauration de l’État (C.N.R.D.R). …

    Le P.A.C.P demande à l’ensemble du Peuple souverain du Mali de se mobiliser pour la défense et la consolidation des acquis démocratiques.

    Nos ambitions politiques personnelles ne devraient pas nous éloigner des gages qui consacrent la splendeur et la pureté des grandes valeurs qui reposent sur les fondements du vivre ensemble. Ce vivre ensemble qui fortifie la confiance et la cohésion entre les citoyens d’un même pays qu’est notre Mali.

    Nous demandons aux forces armées de restaurer urgemment l’unité des différents corps militaires pour la quiétude de la population et prendre les dispositions idoines pour la protection des personnes et des biens sur toute l’étendue du territoire national.

    Nous invitons la classe politique malienne à s’organiser pour exiger la remise immédiate du pouvoir au peuple malien par la constitution d’un gouvernement d’union pour assurer la continuité de l’administration et le maintien du calendrier électoral dans le respect strict de la constitution.
    Vive la démocratie !
    Vive le Mali !
    Divisés nous perdons tous ! Unis nous gagnons tous!


    While Yeah was still in the United States, KBYU aired an interview with him on their morning show. We would like to thank Kate Bennion for arranging the interview. Well done, Mr. President. You are incredible. Check it out!

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    While Yeah was away on meetings in Paris, his brother, Drissa Samake, arranged a rally for Team Samake in the village of Dialakoroji to share  Yeah’s vision with the people of this region. There was about 120 people in attendance, including children.  The village requested help with a garden and the wife of the village leader brought up the need for a good water system. Currently, the women of Dialakoroji have to climb to the top of a mountain each week to get a week’s supply of water and even that water is not clean. Fomba, the Secretary General of PACP, suggested that the women should work together to get a microfinance loan for the garden. Self-sufficiency is essential to help develop Mali. It was a great meeting. We ended by showing Yeah’s Samake2012 candidacy video.

    Will you support Yeah Samake on election day April 29th? We need it now more than ever. The day is coming!

     Secretary General Fomba in Dialakoroji

    NRK, a prestigious Norwegian news source, published a great article by Kristian Elster about Yeah! It is very similar to the article in Slate Magazine. Pressing forward to victory! CHECK OUT THE ENGLISH TRANSLATION OF THE ARTICLE!

    The world’s first Mormon president

    He has a beautiful wife and beautiful children. He is Mormon and attended Brigham Young University. He has been both a successful businessman and a successful politician. He may become the first Mormon to be president of a country. However, he is not Mitt Romney.

    On April 29, voters in the West African country of Mali will go to the polls to elect a new president, after Toumani Toure finishes his two terms in office.

    Despite the fact that about 90 percent of the Malian people are Muslims, there is a Mormon, among the favorites, hoping to win the election, writes Slate.

    Read more »

    Last weekend, Team Samake visited the village of Farabana with Marissa Samake. Most of the men in this village are unemployed and food is scarce. We were welcomed with a lot of music and dancing. After a few quick words of appreciation for her donation, the women showed us how they prepared the meal for the children. Marissa provided a 2-month supply of food for the children of Farabana. Not only will this feed the children of the village, but the women can sell the extra food to neighboring villages for income.

    Marissa Samake says, “Went to Farabana to donate some much needed food to the children. Because mothers can’t find enough to eat, they are not able to breastfeed effectively. This takes care of one part of the problem. If you want to help with something like this, $50/month will buy food for the children and also enable the woman’s co-op to sell the extra food in the neighboring villages. Please email me at or message me if you are interested in helping. Together we can feed the children of many more villages. Thank you.

    Be sure to read more about it on her blog at: Hunger, a Beatable Problem

    Yeah has been busy the last little while in the United States – fund-raising, holding meetings and events, etc. On Wednesday evening, he gave a lecture at Claremont Graduate University in the LA, California area. It was a great success and we proudly welcome our new supporters. Check out an article published about the event in the Daily Bulletin.

    Mali presidential candidate talks of his aspirations in his native land

    By Jannisse Johnson, Staff Writer

    CLAREMONT – A presidential candidate from the northwestern African country of Mali discussed his life’s trials, triumphs and presidential candidacy Wednesday at Claremont Graduate University. Yeah Samake, a convert to Mormonism, is running for president in Mali, which is 90 percent Muslim.

    If elected, he would become the world’s first Mormon head of state.

    Read more »