Boubacar PAITHAO of the Mali journal, L’Indépendant, wrote another great article on Yeah’s success in the villages of Diorila and Niagadina. Yeah received the endorsement of the mayor of Niagadina, previously a supporter of another party in Mali, ADEMA. It has been another exciting week for the campaign!

See the article, translated to English, below:

The turn of PACP candidate in Diorila and in Niagadina: The ADEMA mayor of Niagadina supports the candidacy of Yeah Samaké

The candidate of the Party for Civic Action and Patriotism (PACP), as well as mayor of the town of Ouéléssébougou, Niankoro Yeah Samake, at the head of a strong delegation, visited two villages, Diorila and Niagadina, on Thursday, February 23, about 100 kilometers from the capital of Bamako. These visits are a part of preparation for this year’s elections. In each place, the visitors were treated with a warm welcome. During a speech with an elected official of Niagadina, Mamadou Konaté, urged his citizens to vote for the candidate of PACP, Yeah Samaké.

It was eleven o’clock when the delegation of this young party set foot in Diorila. The public square of the town was where the meeting activities took place. At the beginning, the village chief, Namory Touré, after his welcome greeting, set the mood of the visit : “I was delegated by Yeah to help him create a political party, in preparation to help him in the race to win the highest office in our country.”

The child of Djitoumou hosted a king in Diorila

The third deputy mayor of Dialakoroba, Lassana Doumbia, described the various problems that plague the daily lives of residents in Diorila, among them: the lack of roads and maternity facilities to reduce the suffering of these brave Malian women. As well, the closing of the mosque, largely dominates the trades of the village. Then, the president of the PACP of Ouélessébougou, Broulaye Doumbia, revealed the achievements of the mayor and presidential candidate for this year. He said Yeah Samake has built over fifteen schools throughout Mali and provided textbooks. ”I have been approached by representatives of the village of Diorila to build a school in their locality. Yeah accepted this request without hesitation and thanks to God, this dream became a reality,” he claimed. Yeah Samake is the candidate who goes to the small villages of Mali to live the life of the people, praised Broulaye Doumbia. As the candidate of PACP, Yeah Samaké breaks the historical trend by campaigning in the villages. ”

In ancient Africa, dignity was a determining factor that characterized all human actions. Unfortunately, today this factor is traded over money.” The mayoral candidate reminded those in attendance that the day he agreed to build a school in Diorila, he had no political ambitions. “I did it because you were in need,” he says. This meeting, which ended with a tour of the school built by the help of Yeah Samake, will be proudly engraved in the memory of the people of Diorila.

 Yeah Samake to tune into the people of Niagadina

After more than two hours of discussion with the people of Diorila, the delegation headed to Niagadina, a town about 30 km from the first village visited. It was around 2:00 in the day when the guests were warmly welcomed by a large crowd in Niagadina. The local town hall housed the event.

At the start, the chief representative of Niagadina village, Amadou Camara, said, “Since the ’60s until today Ouelessebougou and  Niagadina and two pieces of the same heart.” Yeah Samake is not a stranger, he is a child of Niagadina because before decentralization, the village of  Niagadina was within the area of Ouelessebougou, he added.

The representative of PACP in the area, Balla Fofana, shared the difficulties of his fellow citizens: lack of water, road infrastructure, health problems, in addition to the education of children.

ADEMA mayor of  the village, Mamadou Konaté, in his address bluntly asked his citizens to carefully weigh their choice of candidate for Mayor. According to him, this is the first time a mayor embarks on the conquest for the highest office in Mali, our country has only seen presidents, teachers, and military members.

It was a good time for the candidate of PACP, Yeah Samake, to get stress the importance of decentralization. He invited the highest authorities to accelerate the transfer of power, resources and expertise to the local authorities. The child of Djitoumou used this meeting to invite other local elected officials to support his candidacy because he is the candidate who best understands them.