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  • Boubacar PAITHAO of the Mali journal, L’Indépendant, wrote another great article on Yeah’s success in the villages of Diorila and Niagadina. Yeah received the endorsement of the mayor of Niagadina, previously a supporter of another party in Mali, ADEMA. It has been another exciting week for the campaign!

    See the article, translated to English, below:

    The turn of PACP candidate in Diorila and in Niagadina: The ADEMA mayor of Niagadina supports the candidacy of Yeah Samaké

    The candidate of the Party for Civic Action and Patriotism (PACP), as well as mayor of the town of Ouéléssébougou, Niankoro Yeah Samake, at the head of a strong delegation, visited two villages, Diorila and Niagadina, on Thursday, February 23, about 100 kilometers from the capital of Bamako. These visits are a part of preparation for this year’s elections. In each place, the visitors were treated with a warm welcome. During a speech with an elected official of Niagadina, Mamadou Konaté, urged his citizens to vote for the candidate of PACP, Yeah Samaké.

    It was eleven o’clock when the delegation of this young party set foot in Diorila. The public square of the town was where the meeting activities took place. At the beginning, the village chief, Namory Touré, after his welcome greeting, set the mood of the visit : “I was delegated by Yeah to help him create a political party, in preparation to help him in the race to win the highest office in our country.”

    The child of Djitoumou hosted a king in Diorila

    The third deputy mayor of Dialakoroba, Lassana Doumbia, described the various problems that plague the daily lives of residents in Diorila, among them: the lack of roads and maternity facilities to reduce the suffering of these brave Malian women. As well, the closing of the mosque, largely dominates the trades of the village. Then, the president of the PACP of Ouélessébougou, Broulaye Doumbia, revealed the achievements of the mayor and presidential candidate for this year. He said Yeah Samake has built over fifteen schools throughout Mali and provided textbooks. ”I have been approached by representatives of the village of Diorila to build a school in their locality. Yeah accepted this request without hesitation and thanks to God, this dream became a reality,” he claimed. Yeah Samake is the candidate who goes to the small villages of Mali to live the life of the people, praised Broulaye Doumbia. As the candidate of PACP, Yeah Samaké breaks the historical trend by campaigning in the villages. ”

    Read more »

    Yeah is currently back in the US to finish fundraising before he returns to Mali for the final stretch. Look forward to hearing more about his trip to the US. Be sure to check out our facebook and twitter pages for updates.

    Claremont Graduate University (CGU) published an article about Yeah’s visit next Wednesday, March 7. If you are in the Los Angeles (LA)/Claremont area, here’s your chance to meet Yeah.

    Malian presidential candidate Yeah Samake to visit Claremont Graduate University on March 7

    Photo of Yeah Samake

    Yeah Samake, a leading presidential candidate in the African nation of Mali, will visit Claremont Graduate University (CGU) on Wednesday, March 7, to tell the astonishing story of his rise from poverty to public service.

    Samake, a Mormon convert, is running for president in a North African country that is 90 percent Muslim. If elected, he would become the first Mormon head of state in the world. He would also lead a developing country that is locked in a battle against political corruption and al-Qaeda-backed religious extremism.
    His talk, sponsored by the Mormon Studies program in CGU’s School of Religion, is scheduled for 7 p.m. at a location to be determined on the CGU campus.

    Read more »

    Sunday evening, we held a large rally in Commune III (3) of Bamako. PACP and Yeah were welcomed by a large group of youth supporters, about 75 youth, on motorcycles. Ahead of the parade were 4 men, on horses, wearing Team Samake t-shirts. They carried a banner and we paraded through the commune, honking horns and attracting the attention of every person in the area.

    It was a big event with nearly 300 in attendance and 100 volunteers. The Mali National TV, ORTM, was also there to cover the event. After the event, ORTM ushered Yeah over for a quick interview.

    Commune III is very important to Yeah’s success in Bamako and the event was a good illustration of his increasing support!

    Motorcycles welcome the PACP car

    Yeah interviews with ORTM, Mali's National TV

    Happy 43rd Birthday to our PACP and Team President, Mr. Niankoro Yeah Samake. We salute you. His wife, Marissa, has made a very special request for his birthday. Check out her blog post here and support Team Samake and the Samake 2012 campaign today!

    Team Samake had a busy weekend in Koutiala. We had met the mayors of Koutiala in Sikasso at previous meetings during the week so we headed to Koutiala for more meetings and to gain more support on this distant region.

    The first meeting was with a group of about 60 individuals, including 30 mayors. The people were skeptical at first, because a mayor running for president is almost unheard of, but after hearing of Yeah’s successes, everyone left in support of Yeah with posters of their own to hang around their offices. Yeah and PACP then held various meetings in Koutiala. Team Samake met with teachers in Koutiala, a late-night group of supporters who asked many interesting questions, and other various meetings with leaders of Koutiala.

    The next morning, we met with youth in Koutiala at the headquarters of Radio Equité. There were about 75 youth in attendance and as we left, Yeah was surrounded for more questions and pictures. The youth love him and his vision for education in Mali. We then held a meeting, setup by local youth supporters, in small village called Humallaye. There were about 40 people at this meeting. On the way back from Koutiala, we stopped in Kouri for another large rally, with about 90 people in attendance, and then made another stop at midnight to meet with 10 other supporters. It was a very successful weekend and we left Koutiala with a bang!

    The support for Samake 2012 continues to grow!

    Small meeting in Humallaye

    Youth Leadership Meeting at Radio Equite

    Another article was published in “L’Indépendant” last Monday. Thank you Bruno Djito Segbedji for a great article. This was an incredible event for the Samake 2012 campaign.

    Here is the English translation of the published article.

    PRESIDENT OF PACP, YEAH SAMAKE AT A PARTY MEETING IN COMMUNE V: “We want to serve this country with integrity and a strong sense of patriotism”

    L’Indépendant – During the meeting marking the entrance of the Party for Civic Action and Patriotism (PACP) in Commune V, “Jakarta ground” in the afternoon of Saturday, February 18, President of this political party and the Mayor of Ouelessebougou, Niankoro Yeah Samake, reaffirmed his commitment to contribute significantly to the betterment of his country. The PACP candidate in the presidential election of April 29, 2012 aims to serve Mali effectively, thanks to his connections in the United States, and bring his people out of poverty.

    The Mayor of Ouelessebougou explained to the people of Commune V of Bamako that he has leadership experience to serve his country, Mali. “I have no personal ambitions. I do not crave for leadership positions as some think. I simply love my country and I want to get my people out of poverty through my network of connections, including the “Mali Rising Foundation” of which I am the Executive Director and which is sponsored by several forces in the United States and around the world.”

    Read more »

    Yesterday, PACP and Yeah Samaké visited the small village of Diorila. There were about 150 people in attendance, including excited children, for the rally. Yeah and the Chief of the Village spoke and then the crowd excitedly joined in the dancing as Petite Ballo, the Samake 2012 singer, sang about Yeah Samaké.

    Check out a fun video from Diorila, compliments of James Arrington and Kyle Rehn. Voila, the African Men Circle:

    After the rally, Team Samake visited the middle school in the village, built with the support of Yeah and the Mali Rising Foundation (MRF).

    The team then visited another neighboring village where PACP had sponsored a soccer game. The imam and chief of the village graciously welcomed us and spoke highly of Yeah and his accomplishments.

    Another successful day for Team Samake! On to victory!

    Petite Ballo singing the Samake 2012 song

    Here is yet another article (translated into English) published about Yeah in the 22 Septembre journal yesterday. Thank you Yaya Samaké for your support for the campaign.

    Yeah Samake in the Mande and Dialakoroba: The candidate SCAP combines political and humanitarian

    Education, the improvement of living conditions for rural populations through water supply and electricity, construction of health centers and equipping our farmers in agricultural equipment are essential promises to the success of their mission. Such issues dominated discussions during the visit of the PACP candidate, Niankoro Yeah Samake, last Sunday in Kéniéro, a commune in Siby, in Mandé and Manabougou, communes of Dialakoroba.

    Accompanied by a large group from the Party for Civic and Patriotic Action, the current mayor of Ouelessebougou, presidential candidate on April 29, Yeah Samaké, successfully visited the areas of Siby and Dialakoroba. In Siby, the first place he visited, the candidate responded to the invitation for PACP for two dozen villages to gather in Kéniéro.

    Setup by Coulibaly, a Malian citizen who flew in from Washington for the cause, this visit allowed PACP party officials to present their vision to people coming from many different villages of Kéniéro to welcome them. According to the Secretary General of the young political party, Boubacar Sidiki Fomba, PACP intends to build on the culture of citizenship, civic education, and morality to answer the challenges of the villages. He inspired full confidence in the party’s candidate to the people of Mandé.

    Read more »

    Our visit to the village of Mandé was a huge success. People gathered from 19 surrounding villages to greet Yeah and hear what he could do for their village. There was a crowd of over 300 people.

    The party leaders spoke of the importance of voting, Yeah’s achievements, and what PACP can do for Mandé to provide additional water sources. Yeah spoke about what the people could do to continue to empower and help themselves. Then, he distributed 15 boxes filled with notebooks, pencils, office tools, and other school supplies, to the commune. They were received with surprised gratitude.

    Our valiant Team Samake supporter, Mamadou Coulibaly, had wanted to help the Samaké2012 campaign in Mali – so he left his job in New York for a month and came to Mali to campaign in the remote villages. PACP awarded him a Samaké2012 button to symbolize the service he has done.  He has truly been a great asset to Team Samaké.

    The rally was a huge success and the people were sad to see the team leave. On to victory for Samake 2012!

    Young Mande dancers perform

    Yeah speaks at the event

    Sikasso is the second largest electoral district in Mali and therefore, it is essential to the success of the campaign. Team Samake headed there to meet with the people on February 20-21. Each planned event was very successful. At the first meeting with a large group of mayors, some were skeptical of Yeah and the PACP but the second Yeah’s video was played, the audience was sold. The audience was very excited. In fact, a group of mayors from Koutiala (another area in Sikasso) came and offered to hold a rally and meeting in their area.

    The next meeting was a youth leadership meeting with a group of supporters that were created right after PACP was announced. The meeting was held at Hotel Maissa. Many other meetings were held as well with smaller groups.

    Sikasso was another great stop for Team Samake! Where will we go next? Support Team Samake and the Samake 2012 campaign and help us to reach out to all of Mali to create a new day for these people.

    Samake speaking to Sikasso mayors

    Speaking to the youth