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  • Another article for Yeah and Team Samake published in the BYU Political Review. Thank you for your support, Rachel Morrison!

    Mormon Presidency: This Time for Africa

    By Rachel Morrison

    On the right lapel of my coat I sport a campaign pin in favor of a man poised to become the world’s first LDS president. No, it isn’t a perfectly coiffed Romney I carry around with me, nor is it a memento of my grief for Jon Huntsman’s loss. I wear the pin in support of my friend Mayor Yeah Samaké, a BYU alumnus, member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and candidate in the Mali 2012 Presidential Elections.

    Although Mali is consistently ranked one of the poorest countries in the world, Samaké maintains that Mali is not a poor country, but rather that its economy suffers primarily because of decades of poor leadership. If elected, Samaké aims to stamp out corruption, ensuring that scarce resources are used efficiently and that leadership is based on principles, not greed.

    Would Mali, a country whose population is 90% Muslim, elect an LDS president? Samaké and his supporters seem to think so. Religion wasn’t a concern in the mayoral race where Samaké won with over 80% of the votes, and it doesn’t look like it will be in the presidential campaign either. “People don’t really care,” Samaké says of his religion; “it’s a non-issue.” Even with his unique faith, the people of Mali see more similarities in Samaké than they do differences. Born a poor villager himself, Samaké has experienced firsthand the poverty faced by so many of his fellow countrymen as well as the journey out of it.

    Read more »

    While Yeah was campaigning in the US the PACP team headed to the village of Dialakoroba to setup a PACP committee there. The meeting was excellent! About 100 community leaders were present. The party leaders spoke of the symbolism behind the new logo of PACP as well as their strategy to reach out to surrounding communities. Leaders from a local community came to offer kind words for Yeah and the potential of the party. Fomba, the Party Secretary, focused on the youth of Dialakoroba. The youth in a strong statement of support abandoned their own party PDES to join PACP.

    Kalise explaining the meaning of the Samake2012 button and presenting one to the Women Leader of the Village for her support.

    The next meeting was held in Badalabougou, within Bamako itself. Here, about 60 community leaders over the handicap society gathered to hear PACP speak. It will be essential for the next President to institute a facility and programs that answer to the needs of these individuals. There were many questions of what these programs would be and Fomba promised that these questions would be presented to Yeah so that he could address them with the importance they deserved.

    Kita is a town and commune in Western Mali, 112 miles from the main city of Bamako. It is known for its never ending caves and rock painting. As PACP arrived, there were about 100 youth on motorcycles outside the city to welcome the party in! There were nearly 500 people ready to hear Yeah’s message. Fomba, party secretary, spoke humbly of Yeah’s accomplishments and then Yeah spoke of his dream for his beloved country. He promised a better education system and more reliable healthcare that is affordable to all. Yeah advised the people of Kita to continue spreading the word and that if they were able to gain more supporters he would open a PACP office in Kita. Yeah then called upon Monsieur Coulibaly and presented him with a Samake2012 button. He told the people that this button represented his promise to change the country for the better. Bengaly Coulibaly was overcome with emotion. This was another very successful event and welcomed many new supporters to the party!

    The party is greeted as they enter Kita

    Yeah speaks to the people of Kita


    On Tuesday, January 24, PACP welcomed two new American interns on the ground in Mali! Meet Liz Jessop and Kyle Rehn.


    Kyle, Sibiri and Liz: Already fast friends

    Liz is pursuing a BA in International Studies, BS in Political Science and a minor in French at University of Utah. She just returned from her last internship in India and is excited to represent Yeah in the race for the Presidency. She is fast picking up Bambara. Check out Liz’s journey in her own blog here.

    Kyle is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of science degree in Economics and a minor in Business at University of Utah. He recently completed internships with KSL News, Former Senator Bennett, and Congressman Jim Matheson in Utah. Like Liz, he too is working hard to learn Bambara in addition to French.

    Yoro Sow of the Malian journal 26 Mars, wrote an article Yeah’s visit to the region of Keleya. Check out the version we’ve translated to English below.

    Yeah Samake in Keleya: “The time for change has come”

    As part of his initial contact with supporters, the mayor of Ouelessebougou, a candidate for the presidential election on April 29, hosted a rally in the commune of Keleya, in the third region.

    In this area, the President of the Party for Civic and Patriotic Action (PACP) commended the efforts of his party supporters within the area. He clearly stated that for the elections to come, they have to create the real change that the people have yearned for ages. And without this change, our country will be left behind in development. Yeah Samake, without reservation, embodies this change. This is why he decided to join the presidential race.

    Read more »

    Sankarani is the commune where the mayor, Toumani Sidibe and his five councilors quit one of the largest parties to join PACP. This is just one of many instances of the growing support from government leaders. The canoe race was held to honor this allegiance and to celebrate Yeah and the hope he brings to the people. It was organized by the young adults of Sankarani to spread the message of PACP. There were almost 500+ in attendance. For the race, each canoe held about 16-18 young adults. Yeah presented the first place winner with some prize money and then the mayor and secretary general presented participation prizes for second and third place winners. Yeah spoke following the races. He pulled aside a young man in torn clothes with bare feet and told the people that he was in that same position 30 years but with education and opportunities, these people could escape the cycle of poverty. Yeah handed two more Samake2012 buttons out. The first was to the Mayor of Sankarani. The second was to the Chief of the village El Hadj Mahmoud Sidibe. It was a solemn promise that Yeah would not forget where he came from or the promise of hope that he was bringing to Mali. He advised that if ever these two individuals felt that the promise was not being kept then they had a right to approach him in the Presidential palace at Koulouba and remind him of his solemn vow. The people were ecstatic.

    Each rally we hold brings in fresh support for the campaign! Support Samake2012!

    Another article was written by Zakariyaou Fomba for the Malian journal, Le Coq. Thank you for another great, honest article about our hopeful future president, Mr. Yeah Samaké.

    Koulouba 2012: All Kéléyadougou stands behind the president of PACP, Niankoro Yeah Samake

    The president of the Party for Civic and Patriotic Action (PACP) and presidential candidate of April 29, Niankoro Yeah Samake accompanied by a large group of supports, met with people from 22 villages of Kéléyadougou last weekend.

    Surrounded by the sound of African music, the PACP President, Yeah Samake and his supporters, were welcomed by the population of 22 villages of Keleyadougou. Because it’s a few months before the presidential election, there is an excitement within the major states of all the political parties and in turn, each person sharpens his weapons in preparation. It is in this context that the visit of PACP President, Yeah Samake, and his party were welcomed to Keleya. As a welcome to Yeah Samake and his supporters, the chief of the village and the mayor of Keleya thanked everyone for attending this grand ceremony. They reiterated, once again, their confidence in Yeah Samake.

    As for the president of the youth in Keleya, he said that his home is Yeah’s home, because Ouelessebougou and Kéléyadougou constitute a single territory – they are like two lungs in the same body. Yeah Samake’s candidacy is an affair for the youth of Keleya, explained the President of the Youth, adding that all young people are determined to support Yeah Samaké, because he is like a brother to them. He said, Yeah has already proven himself by setting up schools and health centers in the rural town of Ouelessebougou, before ever getting involved in politics. It was also an opportunity for him to present some ideas, specifically for the youth, to the PACP president and the next presidential candidate. Some ideas include the construction of a leisure area which will enable the youth to recreate. The President of PACP in Keleya, Bakary Coulibaly, for his remarks, thanked and congratulated the supporters of President Yeah Samake. He also informed Yeah Samake that Keleya is hungry and thirsty and that they need electricity, because the populations often only have electricity at night.

    Taking advantage of this meeting, the president of the women’s movement in Bamako, Ms. Keita, invited her sisters to rally behind Yeah Samaké, because she said, without women, nothing is possible. Speaking to his fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and others, PACP President, Yeah Samake, explained that he came to Keleya, he says, to seek their blessing and support for his presidency. Also, he told them, I know your difficulties and concerns. Our country faces a number of challenges including: hunger, poverty, growing insecurity in our cities and the country, the education crisis, which seriously affects the future of youth. According to Yeah Samaké, those seeking power today have all reached their limits and we need a change for a new Mali. My policy now is focused on decentralization because it is necessary to bring government closer, said PACP candidate. At the end of the ceremony, the president of PACP and his supporters paid a courtesy visit to the chief of the village of Keleya.

    BEHIND THE SCENES: A young trader from Ouelessebougou, Sidiki Doumbia, offered a motorcycle in Jakarta to Yeah Samake for his campaign.

    Each day has a new load of surprises. While PACP President Yeah Samake and his supporters were in Keleya this last weekend for a meeting for the presidency, a young trader named Sidiki Doumbia from Ouelessebougou took the opportunity to offer a free brand new bike in Jakarta to Yeah Samake for his campaign. A gesture that exceeds words. It is a Malian tradition that almost all of the youth support politicians on the eve of election in need of money.

    But, seeing a young man with meager resources, offering gifts of this kind to a political leader, without a second thought, is really rare. According to the donor, it was done as an act of great esteem for Yeah, who fights tirelessly day and night  for the development of his town. Yeah is a man of integrity, a man of confidence, a hard worker and he deserves more than that, said Sidiki Doumbia. Surprised and very moved by this gesture, the president of PACP was both honored and pleased. The President of PACP thanks and congratulates the donor for his courage and bravery.

    The campaign is constantly picking up new supporters. We were very blessed this week. First, a motorcycle was donated by a Malian Laye Sidiki Doumbia. These motorcycles are not cheap by Malian standards with each motorcycle running about $800. The individual that donated this was so moved by Yeah’s message and what Yeah has already done for the country, that he donated this new motorcycle. Even greater than the motorcyle itself, which is help facilitate campaigning across the country, is the reaffirmation of the personal belief that we are making a difference.

    Then, A young supporter Mamadou Diallo transferred to Yeah telephone credit in the amount of 5000CFA (about 10 dollars) and said, “I don’t have much, but I believe in what you are doing. Keep going on”. The belief of this young supporter showed how Yeah can affect the youth. They are willing to sacrifice the small amount they have for a bigger thing.

    The support continues to grow both in Mali and abroad. The campaign has reached as far as Brazil in terms of donations. We hope to win in April not for the fame or glory but rather because we want to be part of the bigger plan of change for Mali. Please help us achieve this dream so that Malians everywhere can get the chance that has passed them by for so long. Donations can be made at Every donation counts.

    Yeah recently conducted an interview through facebook. It was an interesting discussion . It was a long discussion so we only posted the more significant bits and pieces (translated into English below).

    Debates on Facebook: Yeah Samaké, a candidate for the 2012 Malian presidential election, responds to internet questions @Samake2012

    The group discussion, “#2012presidentialelectioninMali. The candidates and their projects.” continued on Facebook. This Saturday, January 15, 2012, Mr. Yeah Samake, mayor of Ouéléssébougou and 2012 presidential candidate in Mali was welcomed for discussion. The debate lasted 3 hours and 30 minutes took place under the moderation of: Sekou Kyassou Diallo, Abdoulaye Cisse, and Madiara Koné. We thank them once again for their availability for this national cause.

    Yeah Samake – Mr. Traore, my opinion on the issue of the North is that rather, we must confront this problem as Malians. This is a problem of development that will must have a national response.

    Yeah Samake  - The electoral process is an opportunity for Malian youth to reclaim their place on the political scene – to demonstrate his maturity, his citizenship and patriotism. The Party for Civic and Patriotic Action aims to play a major role in mobilizing and sensitizing the youth.

    Yeah Samake – I would add that the youth are going to play a decisive role in choosing the future President of the Republic. They should, under no circumstances, miss this decisive moment.

    Kone Madiara – I would say that the emancipation of women in Mali is a reality today because, for the first time in history, we have a woman for our Prime Minister.

    Yeah Samake – The emancipation of women is hampered by the economic condition and the laws in Mali.

    To view this article online in French: Les débats de Facebook: Yeah Samaké, candidat à la présidentielle malienne de 2012 répond aux questions des internautes/@Samake2012

    PACP was greeted in Keleya with a large crowd of 300 people who had come to meet a Presidential candidate from their Southern region. There were 22 villages represented by their community leaders. The PACP and Yeah were greeted with kola nuts, a symbol of respect for visitors. A number of speeches were given about the change that Yeah Samake and PACP could bring to Mali. Yeah spoke at this event about the need to change the direction of Mali. The community had asked for specific help with electricity at the youth center and Yeah promised, with sound leadership, every corner of the country would have access to basic needs like electricity. Yeah also strongly highlighted his intentions to increase accessibility to basic resources like energy and water throughout the country. The Chief of the village offered his blessing. This was an excellent rally and  the people are committed to Future President Samake and the success of PACP. There will be many more rallies to come.

    The same day, another group of PACP members headed by Fomba and Sibiri Mariko were officiating a soccer final in Yelekebougou. PACP was the official sponsor of this game. People from the surrounding 17 villages came to watch this match and also hear about what PACP values were. Sibiri spoke to the crowd and got them pumped up. The representative from the village announced to the 300+ people in attendance that they had approached many parties to help them stage this tournament but only PACP had responded. They promised that they would spread the word about PACP because Yeah had kept his word sponsoring a soccer game for the youth to bring them together. The chief of the village, a representative of the Mayor and the pastor was in attendance as well. This was a fantastic game and rally all in one.