On September 22, Mali celebrated its 51st independence day. Mayor Samake and his family celebrated in Ouelessebougou. On the evening of the 21st, they celebrated with the Malian fireworks. The youth gathered burning hay and with their hands held high, walked and sang the song of Mali’s freedom. It went on for about 3 miles on the road. The next day at the Independence day event, there was a crowd of about 500 people. Yeah spoke, along with the chief leader of the village, about Mali’s last 51 years of independence. Yeah also spoke about the upcoming presidential elections and the importance of community mobilization to support the new leader and change. That afternoon, there was a soccer came to sum up the festivities.

 Overall, it was a wonderful day and another great opportunity for Yeah Samake to share his message with the people of Mali!

The future first family at the Independence day event